Our goal is to create designs that are new, fresh and impressive to match our customers’ unique corporate image. YSD’s team discussions and meetings include our opinion, analysis, research and development. We believe that these are the essential steps for us to come up with our creative and unique ideas. We enjoy this procedure of work and treat it as a part of our life.

我們的目標是創建最新,最有創意及令人印象深刻的設計,以配合客戶獨特的企業形象。 YSD團隊的討論和會議包含了我們的意見,分析,研究和開發。我們相信,這些是讓我們發揮創意和獨特想法的必要步驟。我們享受這工作程序並將其視為生活的一部分。

Ivan Yeung
2902, King Palace Plaza, 52A Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

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