The Collective

The Collective is a cross-discipline design & technology studio. We create digital and living art forms, ranging from installation to stage performance. Our works combine a variety of disciplines including interaction design, lighting, animation, programming and sculpture, with tools that are developed and customized specifically for each project. Our approach puts the human experience at the centre of technological development, with a strong visual impact and unique bespoke technologies created in-house.

The Collective的製作團隊由一群藝術工作者、創意程式編寫員和製作者組成。在創意科技總監Andy Stokes 及 藝術策展人Anita Lam 的帶領下創造數碼生活藝術形式的體驗;範圍從舞台表演到互動裝置。我們的工作將不同領域的藝術工作者及科技人才結合,集合各種知識,通過合作探索,為每個裝置或表演開發和定制IT工具,務求將真實和虛擬世界結合,提供視覺藝術和技術的獨特體驗。我們將人類體驗置於科技元素中心,注重強烈的視覺效果和利用公司內部創造的獨特定制技術。

Anita Lam
Studio 2A, E-Tat Factory Building, 4 Heung Yip rd, Wong Chuk Hang, HK.

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