As a virtual studio comes with a complete virtual set and onsite competent technicians, XTEN is expert in blending computer generated environments with people and real objects seamlessly in real time with no post production needed. Believing virtual solution is the future-facing approach, we have the mission to assist and educate clients to adapt the new normal brought by COVID-19, meanwhile enhance the visual content and audience experience using virtual studio sets.

作為一個虛擬演播室,XTEN擁有完整的虛擬場景和現場合格的技術人員,我們擅長將計算機生成的環境與人和真實物體即時無縫地融合在一起,而不需要後期製作。 我們相信虛擬解決方案是面向未來的方法,我們的使命是説明和教育客戶適應COVID-19帶來的新常態,同時利用虛擬演播室增強視覺內容和觀眾體驗。

Zita Cheung
2/F, KT One, 158 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong


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