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Our advanced vision analytics technologies transform ordinary cameras into sophisticated data collection devices. At Creaxon Technologies, we develop AI and computer vision based systems, and provide real time monitoring solutions to customers with specific application needs. Our systems are capable of detecting rare occurring events, analyzing complex scenarios, or process high volume of visual objects.

我們先進的視覺分析技術將普通相機轉化為複雜的數據收集設備。 在科瑞信科技,我們開發基於人工智慧和計算機視覺的系統,併為有特殊應用需求的客戶提供即時監控解決方案。 我們的系統能夠檢測罕見發生的事件,分析複雜的場景,或處理大量的視覺物件。
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