Inovo Robotics

We created novo Robotics to make capable, versatile, robotics accessible to all. We address the problems growing businesses have in automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks. We believe there is a better way and want to free your staff from the monotony of repetitive tasks so you can focus them on more valuable and rewarding work. We also believe in putting you in control by providing intuitive, easy to use interfaces, so that configuring our robots for your specific task, is as easy as possible.

我們創建了Inovo Robotics,使所有人都能獲得有能力的、多功能的機器人技術。我們解決了成長型企業在重複性、危險性或精確性任務自動化方面問題。我們相信有更好的方法,並希望將您的員工從單調的重複性工作中解放出來,這樣您就可以將他們集中在更有價值和有意義的工作上。我們還相信,通過提供直覺的、易於使用的界面,使您能夠儘可能容易地配置我們的機器人,以完成您的任務。

Jonathan Cheung
Unit 308, 3/F, Building 19W, SPX1, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.

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